Investigative Reporting to Boost Reforms 2016-2019

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BIRN Macedonia

BIRN Macedonia, in partnership with the Center for Civil Communication and NGO Info-centre, is implementing the project Investigative Reporting to Boost Reforms.

Donor: European Union

This project’s aim is to create a core of well-skilled investigative journalists, as well as a network of effective grassroots CSOs from all over the country which should contribute towards improved investigative journalism both through their work and through cooperation between journalists.

Various activities will be implemented in the scope of this project such as media monitoring on qualitative and quantitative assessment of investigative journalism in media reporting; an intensive, module-based, training programme on investigative journalism into government accountability; regular mentorship and coaching of investigative journalists; an award competition for investigative stories, with the winners sent to participate in regional conferences or schools to share experiences and to network; public debates on the role of investigative journalism; sub-granting to additional CSOs for smaller projects, training and mentoring of local CSOs in the preparation of open databases for important issues on a local level; preparation of additional open databases on important social processes and issues on the national level; a series of workshops to increase cooperation between journalists and CSOs to benefit investigative journalism; establishing a pool of CSOs and journalists who will advocate for greater transparency, accountability and responsibility on the part of the authorities.

The project envisages delivering the following results: increased quality and credibility of investigative journalism by improving journalists’ skills, capacities, tools and access to information for in-depth and fact-based reports; building operational and efficient partnerships between CSOs and the media to provide greater availability of information based on thorough and replicable investigative journalism; introducing CSOs to the concept of open databases to boost their activities and create resources for investigative journalism and their own further actions, and to provide the public with better and more substantial information upon which to make informed decisions.

The period of implementation of the project is 2016-2019. This project is funded by the European Union.