Serbian Government Performance Evaluation

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March 2012 – December 2012

BIRN Serbia – past programme

Through its performance evaluation project, BIRN Serbia is working to establish an efficient and innovative watchdog tool for monitoring governments performance and accountability.


The project, which runs from March 2012-December 2012, aims to create a baseline for evaluating future governments' performance and accountability, while also raising public awareness of party programs and policies as they relate to electorate priorities.

In addition, the BIRN Serbia team works to strengthen the role of media and civil society in the exercise of its “watchdog” role.

As part of the project, BIRN Serbia is identifying citizens’ priorities and carrying out comparative analysis of political parties' proclaimed policies as they relate to citizens' priorities. The team is also developing performance monitoring techniques and a communication strategy.

The performance evaluation project targets the general public, civil society organisations, the expert community and media outlets. In connection with the project, BIRN Serbia produces a comparative analysis of political party programmes and election platforms.

BIRN Serbia is working in partnership with the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy, CESID a Serbian NGO, on this project. It is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.

Information Sheet

Main Objective:
  • BIRN Serbia is proposing a project aiming to establish efficient and innovative watchdog tool for monitoring of future government’s performance and accountability

Specific Objectives:

  • Baseline for evaluating future Government performance and its accountability
  • Raised public awareness on parties’ programs and policies related to the issues of electorate priority concerns
  • Strengthen the role of media and civil society to exercise its “watchdog” role

Main Activities:

  • Identifying citizens’ priorities
  • Comparative analyses of political parties proclaimed policies related to citizens priorities
  • Performance monitoring
  • Communication strategy

Target Groups:

  • General public
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Expert community
  • Media


  • Comparative analysis of political parties programmes and election platforms