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April 2012 – April 2013

BIRN Serbia – past programme

As part of its effort to increase government transparency and accountability in the sphere of public finances, BIRN Serbia has launched a resource center for journalists and state workers, as well as the general public.


As part of the project, which runs from April 2012-April 2013, BIRN Serbia is developing an online database that will be posted on the existing SkockajteBudzet web portal.

The team is collecting documents from state institutions and requesting targeted documents/reports.

In addition, BIRN Serbia is working with a group of journalists to produce quality analytical media reports using documents that have been gathered for the resource center.

Finally, the team will promote the database among journalists throughout Serbia via workshops and meetings.

Through this project, BIRN Serbia aims to increase the capacity of the media to carry out in-depth analytical reporting and augment the transparency of state institutions and agencies.

The project’s target audience is Serbian journalists and the general public. It is supported by the British Embassy to Serbia.

Information Sheet

Main Objective:
  • To increase governments transparency and accountability in sphere of public finances

Specific Objectives:

  • Increased capacities of media for in-depth analytical reporting
  • Increased transparency of state institutions and agencies and their policies

Main Activities:

  • Development of online database on the existing SkockajteBudzet web portal – special application will be added boosting its Resource page
  • Collection of the documents – BIRN will be working on collecting documents from state institutions, sending requests and demanding targeted documents/reports
  • Production of analytical media reports – BIRN will work with team of journalists in order to produce quality media outputs using documents gathered.
  • Promotion – Database will be promoted among journalists throughout Serbia via workshops and meetings

Target Groups:

  • Journalists
  • State administration
  • General public