Admir Muslimović

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Admir is an investigative journalist who joined BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2017 after being involved in daily news reporting for 16 years.

Albina Sorguč

Detecor Journalist / Court Monitor

Albina joined the BIRN BiH Detector team in September 2010. She has worked as a journalist since 2004.

Albulena Sadiku

Deputy Director

With a strong background in civil society, Albulena Sadiku has experience in capacity building, election monitoring and local government.

Aleksandar Đorđević


Aleksandar Đorđevic has worked as a journalist since 2009, mainly covering politics and public finance.

Aleksandra Bogdani


Aleksandra Bogdani is an investigative journalist for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, in Albania.

Alma Koci


Alma Koci joined BIRN’s Balkan Transitional Justice team as a translator in December 2014.

Amila Nezirović

Operational and Financial Manager

Amila joined BIRN BiH in 2008 as an administrative and finance officer.

Amire Qamili


Amire Qamili writes news and investigations for and Gazeta Jeta ne Kosove.

Ana Maria Touma

Correspondent, Balkan Insight

Ana Maria Touma is the Balkan Insight correspondent for Romania.

Ana Novaković


Ana Novaković is a journalist from Serbia with experience in electronic and print media.

Ana Petruševa

Country Director, Macedonia and Member of the Board

Ana Petruseva is an experienced journalist and one of the founders of the BIRN regional network and BIRN Macedonia.

Arian Hyseni

IT Manager

Having fostered a passion for Information Technology since the age of nine, Arian Hyseni is accustomed to putting to use the latest innovations in the field.

Astrit Perani

Video Editor

Astrit Perani joined the BIRN team in January 2008 as a cameraman and video editor for the Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo TV programmes.

Azra Alihodžić

Financial Assistant

Azra Alihodzic studied at economics at the University of Sarajevo and joined BIRN HUB in August 2014.

Behar Mustafa

Court Monitor/Researcher

Behar Mustafa is a court monitor and researcher working in the Mitrovica region and contributes as a journalist to the TV programme ,Justice in Kosovo.

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