Adelina Ahmeti

Journalist and Assistant Editor

Adelina began her career as an intern at at the end of 2015 and within a few months was promoted to the position of a journalist.

Afrim Ejupi

Cameraman and Video Editor

Afrim Ejupi studied Management and Informatics at the University of Prishtina.

Aida Ajanovic

Head of Programmes

Aida joined BIRN in January 2020 and serves as the Head of Programmes based in Sarajevo. In this role, Aida oversees the smooth operation of the programme department, ensuring efficient implementation of BIRN’s programmes. Aida takes charge of planning, managing, and monitoring these programmes, working closely with programme staff, external consultants, implementing partners, and key stakeholders. Additionally, she actively develops partnerships with external stakeholders to enhance the organisation’s impact.

Aida Mahmutović

Project Coordinator, BIRN BiH

Aida joined BIRN BiH team in April 2021. She is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aida Tinjak

Grants and Project Coordinator
Aida joined BIRN Hub in 2021 as a Project/Programme Assistant. She is currently working as Grants and Project Coordinator, based in BIRN Hub’s office in Sarajevo. Her primary responsibilities entail coordinating and implementing project activities and overseeing and coordinating the grants allocation process.

Albulena Sadiku

Deputy Director, Kosovo

Albulena Sadiku has a strong professional background in civil society and has spent 15 years working in media management, anti-corruption projects, capacity building, local government and production of field TV debates and reports.

Albulena Zeneli Jonuzi

Human Resources, Finance and Administrative Officer

Albulena studied Business Administration and is a member of the Institute of Accounting, Finance and Auditing.

Aleksandar Djordjevic


Aleksandar Djordjevic has worked as a journalist since 2009, mainly covering politics and public finance.

Aleksandra Bogdani


Aleksandra Bogdani is an investigative journalist for BIRN Albania.

Alma Koci


Alma Koci joined BIRN’s Balkan Transitional Justice team as a translator in December 2014.

Altin Morina

Information Technology Assistant

Altin Morina has completed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training at the American University of Kosovo (AUK) and is pursuing his bachelor’s studies in Management and Informatics at ILIRIA College.

Amina Mahović

Project Manager

Amina has worked for BIRN HUB as a Project Manager since October 2022. She is based in BIRN HUB’s Sarajevo office, responsible for the smooth, uninterrupted implementation of Digital Rights projects.

Amra Šeta

Financial administrative officer

Amra Šeta joined BIRN BIH in June 2023 year as a financial officer. She is based in BIRN Sarajevo office, providing support to operations. Her main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs and a range of key administrative duties.

Ana Petruseva

Country Director, North Macedonia
Member of the Board

Ana Petruseva is an experienced journalist and one of the founders of the BIRN regional network and BIRN Macedonia.

Anisa Kurtanović

Finance Manager

Anisa joined BIRN BIH in June 2023 as Finance Manager. She is based in BIRN BiH’s Sarajevo office. Her main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs, financial reporting and a range of key administrative duties.

Arbër Gashi

Μarketing Μanager

Arbër Gashi is a graduate in Management and Informatics as well as Business Administration. He has several years of professional experience in the media, project management, business and marketing.

Ardita Zeqiri

Journalist/ Junior Researcher

Ardita joined the BIRN team in October 2019.

Arian Hyseni

IT Manager and Technical Staff Coordinator

Having fostered a passion for Information Technology since the age of nine, Arian Hyseni is accustomed to putting to use the latest innovations in the field.

Arita Suhodolli

Project Manager

Arita completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Management with a sub-branch in International Relations at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Kosovo).

Arjana Berisha

Journalist/Junior Researcher

Arjana Berisha is a student in the last year of her Bachelor of Journalism studies at the University of Prishtina.

Arlinda Mehmeti

Junior Monitor

Arlinda Mehmeti completed her master’s studies in Local Government and Democratic Society at the University of Gjilan.

Arta Sopi


Arta Sopi became part of the team in November 2018. Before she joined BIRN, Arta worked at the newspaper Zeri, and prior to that she undertook an internship at the newspaper Koha Ditore.

Aulona Alaj

Junior Monitor/Researcher

Aulona is currently in her final year at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina, where she is studying criminal law.

Azem Kurtic

Bosnia Correspondent

Azem joined BIRN in 2022 as a correspondent from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based in Sarajevo, he reports on daily developments for Balkan Insight and the Balkan Transitional Justice programme. He covers politics, rule of law and human rights, transitional justice, corruption and organised crime, producing in-depth analysis and features combining elements of data journalism and multimedia storytelling.

Azra Husarić Omerović

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Detektor Journalist/Court MonitorAzra Husaric joined BIRN BiH team in October 2019 as a journalist and works as a court reporter.

Azra Salihovic

Finance Officer

Azra joined BIRN Hub in August 2014 as a Finance Assistant. In 2017, she became a Financial Officer.

Behar Mustafa

Journalist / Researcher

Behar Mustafa is a court monitor and researcher working in the Mitrovica region and contributes as a journalist to the TV programme Justice in Kosovo.

Besar Likmeta

Country Editor, Albania

Besar has extensive experience in journalism, having worked in print, television and electronic media in both the US and Albania since 2003.

Claudia Ciobanu

Reporting Democracy Poland correspondent

Based in Warsaw, Claudia is reporting on political and social developments in Poland. Originally from Romania, she’s been based in Warsaw since 2012.

Denis Dzidic

BIRN BiH Executive Director and Editor

Denis Dzidic is the Executive Director and Editor for BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina. He joined BIRN in August 2008, and after working as a journalist, deputy editor and chief editor for BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina’s flagship website he has been named Executive Director as of October 1, 2019.

Deniz Sllovinja

Camera Operator/Video Editor

Deniz is a cameraman and video editor for and the BIRN TV programmes Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo.

Diar Vuçetaj

2D/3D Graphic Design Assistant

Diari was born in Norway, but he attended primary and secondary school in Peja. He completed his studies at the Faculty of Graphic Design and Visual Arts.

Donjeta Rexhbohaj

Junior Monitor/Researcher

Donjeta Rexhbogaj is a law school graduate.

Dorentina Kastrati

Project Coordinator/Journalist/Researcher and Assistant Editor

Dorentina is a journalist who joined initially as an intern at the end of 2016.

Dragana Zarkovic Obradovic

Country Director, Serbia
Regional Manager, Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence

Under Dragana’s leadership, BIRN Serbia has been recognised for its professionalism and its ability to influence the public agenda in the fields of media development and good governance.

Dunja Hadzimurtezic

Project/Administrative Assistant

Dunja Hadzimurtezic joined BIRN Hub in September 2018 as Project/Administrative Assistant. She is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office providing support to the regional Finances, Operations, Projects and Programmes.

Durim Shala

Camera Operator/Video Editor

Durim Shala is a Camera Operator and Video Editor for Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo.

Dusica L. Stilic

Regional Operations Manager

Dusica Stilic, based in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an experienced manager and trainer with knowledge and skills in business management, project cycle, human resources and public relations. She is one of the first regional employees of BIRN, joining the Network in 2006.

Dusica Tomovic

Managing Editor of Balkan Insight
Dusica has been the Montenegrin correspondent based in Podgorica for BIRN’s regional publication Balkan Insight since 2013 and has been Balkan Insight Managing Editor since September 2018.

Dzana Brkanic

Detektor Deputy Editor

Dzana Brkanic, who joined the BIRN team in May 2013, has been working as a journalist since 2005 after beginning her career as a reporter for Radio Free Europe. Since December 2019 Brkanic acts as a Deputy Editor in BIRN BiH.

Edit Inotai

Reporting Democracy Hungary correspondent
Based in Budapest, Edit is reporting about Hungary for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

Edmond Hoxhaj


Since 2001 working as journalist and correspondent in many newspapers and media in Albania and from September 2018 started working for BIRN Albania covering mostly the justice reform and organised crime issues.

Edward Szekeres

Reporting Democracy correspondent

Edward Szekeres is a Reporting Democracy correspondent reporting from Bratislava, Slovakia, with an occasional scoop in Budapest, Hungary.

Egzon Dahsyla


Egzon finished primary and secondary school in his hometown, Gjakova before beginning Journalism Studies at AAB College.

Eleni Stamatoukou

Communications Manager
Eleni joined BIRN Hub in 2021 as a Communications Manager. She is a data journalist based in Athens, Greece.

Elma Kurtović

HR Officer

Elma joined BIRN Hub in September 2022 as HR Officer. She is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office. Her main responsibilities is to ensure that the organisation can meet its objectives by having the workforce in place. She is involved in sourcing and planning the overall HR strategy and assist in creating and implementing HR policies and procedures.

Elma Selimovic

Media Monitoring Offcer

Elma Selimovic joined BIRN BiH Detektor team in April 2013. She has worked as a journalist since 2006.

Emilija Petreska

Social Media Coordinator
Emilija joined BIRN Hub in 2022 as a Social media Coordinator based in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Emily Hoyle

Programme Manager

Emily joined BIRN Hub in October 2022 as a Programme Manager and is based primarily between the UK and BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office.

Emina Dizdarević Tahmiščija

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Emina joined BIRN BiH’s Detektor team in March 2014.

Emirjeta Vllahiu

Journalist/ Researcher

Emirjeta Vllahiu joined the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in July 2018. She was initially engaged as an intern and currently is a junior journalist at

Enes Hodžić


Enes joined BIRN BiH in May 2022 as a journalist/investigator. He is based in BIRN BiH’s Sarajevo office providing support to various projects.

Etlira Gjikopulli

Office Assistant

Etlira Gjikopulli has been working as a Financial and Administrative Assistant for BIRN Albania since May 2014.

Fatrion Ibrahimi


Fatrion Ibrahimi started his career as a camera operator at KTV in Prishtina in 2009, before working for four years as a freelancer in collaboration with various local and international productions.

Fjori Sinoruka

Albania Correspondent

Fjori joined Balkan Insight in February 2021 as a correspondent in Albania. She is based in Tirana and responsible for daily news as well as in-depth stories and analysis.

Gabrijela Vukicevic

Finance Officer

Gabrijela Vukicevic joined BIRN Serbia as finance officer in October 2016.

Gentiana Murati Kapo

Programme Manager for Capacity Building and Strengthening of Independent Media

Gentiana joined BIRN Hub in September 2022 as a Programme Manager for Capacity Building and Strengthening of Independent Media. She is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office. Her main responsibilities include planning and designing the programme, proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues, and initiating appropriate corrective actions. She ensures effective quality assurance and overall integrity of the programme.

Gjergj Erebara


Gjergj Erebara is journalist for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, in Albania.

Goce Trpkovski


Goce Trpkovski has been working as a journalist since 2004.

Gordana Igric


Founder of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Regional Network Director until May 2018.

Gyula Csák

Assignment Editor
Gyula is an editor working on investigative international projects with Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, based in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Hamdi Firat Buyuk

Turkey Correspondent

Hamdi Firat Buyuk is a political analyst who joined BIRN in 2016 as a correspondent and he has been covering Turkey and occasionally Bosnia and Sandzak region for Balkan Insight.

Haris Rovcanin

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Haris has worked with BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina since September 2016.

Hatidza Gusic

Programme Manager for Media Development and Capacity Building

Based in Sarajevo’s BIRN Hub office, Hatidza manages media projects and oversees implementation activities, as well as the process of developing rulebooks, guidelines and modification of existing provisions. She also acts as a liaison for the Network in terms of capacity building.

Hysen Gara

Stage Manager, Electric & Lights Maintenance (electrician)

Hysen has been taking care of the stage, lighting, and maintenance in BIRN Kosovo since 2011.

Ilirjana Hoti

Journalist/Junior Researcher

Ilirjana joined initially as an intern in July of 2021 and is now working as a Junior Investigative Journalist.

Irvin Pekmez

Detektor Journalist

Irvin joined Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia, BIRN BiH, in December 2020.

Isa Vatovci


Isa Vatovci has been part of the team since September 2018.

Ivana Drakic Brkan

Monitoring and Project Officer

Based in Sarajevo, Ivana assists with implementation of BIRN Hub’s programmes and provides day-to-day management of the monitoring and evaluation activities related to them, including working with programme staff, external consultants, implementing partners and key stakeholders.

Ivana Jeremic

Editor at Balkan Insight

Based in Belgrade, Ivana is an editor at Balkan Insight in charge of coordinating and working on investigative stories.

Ivana Nikolić

Programme Manager, BIRN Investigative Reporting Initiative (IRI)

Ivana joined BIRN in 2020. Based in Serbia, she is responsible for managing and coordinating all activities within the BIRN Investigative Reporting Initiative programme, including BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting.

Jasna Andonovska

Finance Manager

Jasna has worked at BIRN Macedonia since January 2016.

Jelena Veljkovic


Jelena Veljkovic has worked as a journalist since 1992, mostly covering topics of politics, public finance, corruption and war crimes.

Jeta Xharra

Country Director, Kosovo

Jeta Xharra is a renowned journalist in Kosovo and Balkans, hosting the award-winning current-affairs TV programme, Life in Kosovo.

Jetlira Buzhala

Junior Monitor/Researcher

Jetlira is lawyer who graduated from the University of Prishtina. Currently following the “Master’s” studies in the Criminal Program.

Jetmir Hoxha

Camera Operator and Video Editor

Jetmir Hoxha was first hired as an intern in August 2019.

Jeton Ispahiu

MCR Producer/Editor and Camera Operator

With international experience in media production, Jeton Ispahiu joined BIRN in 2008. He is responsible for providing video editing and final touches for the Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo television programmes.

Jovan Ilic

Digital Media Officer
Based in Belgrade, Jovan is responsible for production of digital and social media content, developing new digital products and boosting the presence of BIRN Hub and its websites on a number of digital platforms.

Jurgena Tahiri


She is working as a freelance graphic designer since 2010 and from November 2015 working for BIRN Albania.

Kalina Simic

Project Manager

Kalina Simic joined BIRN Serbia in August 2012 as a project manager.

Karla Junicic

Engagement Editor and Coordinator
Karla joined BIRN in 2021 to coordinate work of local media outlets in the region who write investigative stories using the Engagement Citizens’ Reporting tool.

Katarina Zrinjski

Project Manager

Katarina joined the BIRN BiH team in October 2014.

Kristina Voko

Country Director, Albania

Kristina Voko is the executive director of BIRN Albania and coordinates the network’s activities, fundraising and projects in the office in Tirana.

Labinot Leposhtica

Coordinator for Monitoring of Courts and Law Office

Labinot has monitored court sessions for BIRN Kosovo for almost two years.

Lada Vucenovic

Project Coordinator

Lada Vucenovic joined the BIRN Serbia team in January 2010.

Lamija Grebo

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Lamija Grebo joined BIRN BiH in January 2014 as a web archive assistant and intern. As of January 2015 she is working as a journalist for Detektor.

Madalin Necsutu

Moldova Correspondent

Based in Chisinau, Madalin Necsutu has been Balkan Insight’s correspondent from Moldova since 2017.

Maida Selmanovic

Finance Officer

Maida joined BIRN Hub in January 2008 as a Financial Officer based in Sarajevo. Maida is responsible for cash flow management, monitoring daily financial operations, reviewing financial data and preparing monthly and annual reports as well as accountancy and auditing and overall communication with other departments and the staff of BIRN.

Marcus Tanner


Marcus Tanner is Editor at Balkan Insight

Marian Chiriac

Country Director, Romania

Marian Chiriac has worked as a journalist since 1990, mainly covering politics and human rights issues.

Marija Petrovic

Marketing and Sales Manager, Belgrade Insight

Marija is a sales professional with a background in the media industry in Serbia and East Asia.

Marija Ristic

Regional director 2018 – 2022

Marija Ristic is the executive director of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, a network of seven non-governmental organisations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values in Southeast and Central Europe. Ristic oversees the activities and communications within the Network and represents it publicly.

Marija Vasilevska

Project Manager for Business Development

Marija joined the BIRN team in September 2022 as a Project Manager for Business Development.

Matt Robinson


Matt Robinson is a journalist, translator and former Reuters Bureau Chief for the Balkans and Special Correspondent for Central and Eastern Europe.

Matteo Mastracci

Digital Rights Researcher

As a researcher, Matteo works in BIRN’s Digital Rights Programme, focusing on tech implications for human rights and privacy in the Southeast and Central Europe region.

Matthew Collin


Matthew Collin is a journalist, broadcaster and author who has worked as a foreign correspondent for the BBC, Al Jazeera and Agence France-Presse.

Mediana Halili

Journalist/Researcher Junior

Mediana is in the last year of her bachelor’s studies at the Department of Journalism at the University of Pristina. She joined the BIRN team in September 2019.

Milica Stojanovic

Serbia Correspondent, Balkan Transitional Justice

Based in Belgrade, Milica works on stories related to transitional justice in Serbia.

Milka Domanovic

Regional Network Director BIRN
After working in different roles in BIRN from 2013, with some breaks, Milka assumed the role of Regional Director in December 2022.

Milorad Ivanovic

Milorad is an editor at BIRN Serbia in Belgrade. He is also coordinator and trainer on the project “Technical Assistance to Public Service Media in the Western Balkans.”

Miloš Ćirić

Digital Rights Programme Manager

Milos is BIRN’s long-time collaborator and author of BIRN’s flagship publication Balkan Insight. Over the last 15 years, he worked in various capacities with numerous regional CSOs and independent media outlets as a writer, journalist, educator, media and human rights activist.

Mimoza Feraj

Finance Officer

She graduated from the Faculty of Economy in the Banking, Finance and Accounting department at the University of Pristina, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree.

Minja Krsmanović

Legal Advisor

Minja joined BIRN BIH in January 2023 as Legal advisor.

Mirza Mokrović

Video Editor

Mirza joined BIRN BiH in 2022 as Video Editor.

Mirza Mršo

Detektor Cameraman

Mirza joined BIRN BiH in March 2021. He has been a cameraman for 15 years in TV companies in Bosnia.

Naser Sertolli

Journalist/News Editor

Naser joined BIRN in January 2016, after 16 years of experience as a journalist, translator, and editor at the daily newspaper Zeri.

Natalija Jovanovic

Journalist and Media Researcher
During her journalism studies, Natatalija joined BIRN in 2015 as an intern working on media privatisation and public tenders for media. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade in 2016.

Nejra Mulaomerovic

Programme Associate

Based in Sarajevo, Nejra is working closely with project coordinator teams, carrying out and assisting in the implementation of programmes across all of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s platforms.

Nermina Kuloglija


Nermina joined BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2019.

Nermina Kuloglija-Zolj


Nermina Kuloglija-Zolj joined BIRN BiH in August 2019. For the last four years, she has been researching extremism, terrorism, genocide denial and corruption.

Nicholas Watson

Reporting Democracy Editor

Nicholas was appointed editor of Reporting Democracy in 2020.

Nikola Cace

Finance and Operations Manager

Nikola joined BIRN Hub in May 2015 as an Administration and Operations Assistant. He is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office and provides support to the regional operations. His main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs and a vast range of key administrative duties. At the start of 2018, he became a part of the BIRN Hub’s HR department. From October 2022 he is acting as a Finance and Operations Manager.

Nino Bilajac


Nino joined BIRN Hub in 2022 as a journalist. He is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office providing support to regional operations. His main responsibilities include following political, social and other important events, especially corruption and crime at government institutions and public companies.

Nuhi Shala


Nuhi Shala joined BIRN in 2019 after 18 years of experience as an interpreter, administrative assistant and registrar with international missions in Kosovo.

Per Byman

Senior Humanitarian Advisor, Caritas Germany Member of the Assembly

Per is a Swedish aid worker. Since 2023 he has been working for Caritas Germany as Senior Humanitarian Advisor for Ukraine and Moldova. Previously, he was the Managing Director at NRC Flüchtlingshilfe Deutschland, which he joined in 2018.

Perparim Isufi

Managing Editor,

Perparim Isufi joined BIRN Kosovo in May 2014 and currently serves as the managing editor of

Ramize Hyseni

Finance and Administrative Assitant

Ramize has eight years of administrative assistance within BIRN Kosovo, helping the organisation smoothly carrying its daily activities.

Robert Bierman

Member of the Board
Principal, Tiny World Media; Executive Director, World 50 Group

Bob is a seasoned media veteran and Executive Director of World 50 Group, where he oversees content, programming and product strategy for the company.

Rrahman Ramaj

Procurement Officer and Financial Analyst

Rrahman Ramaj is a financial analyst for BIRN Kosovo.

Samir Kajosevic

Montenegro Correspondent
Samir is based in Podgorica and covers stories from Montenegro as well as parts of regional investigative stories.

Sasa Dragojlo

Serbia Correspondent

Sasa joined BIRN in 2020 as a correspondent for Balkan Insight. Previously, he has worked for Balkan Insight from 2015 to 2016.

Semir Mujkic

Detektor Managing Editor

Semir Mujkic is managing editor for BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina. He joined BIRN in April 2017 and has worked as a journalist and deputy editor for BIRN BiH website where he is managing editor as of October 2019.

Serbeze Haxhiaj

Kosovo Correspondent, Balkan Transitional Justice

Serbeze Haxhiaj is covering issues related to establishing justice and
facilitating reconciliation after the 1998-1999 Kosovo war. Her
particular focus is on war crimes, human rights issues, rehabilitation of
victims and peace approaches in dealing with conflict and its aftermath.

Shkodrane Dakaj

Journalist/Junior Researcher

On her path to becoming a journalist, Shkodranja took on an internship at in July 2021, and has since been promoted to a Junior Investigative Journalist role.

Sinisa-Jakov Marusic

North Macedonia Correspondent

Sinisa-Jakov Marusic is a Skopje-based journalist and regular contributor to BIRN’s regional publication, Balkan Insight, and the programme Balkan Transitional Justice.

Snezana Caricic

Office Manager/Financial Administrator

She joined the BIRN team in 2014 and is responsible for both finance and administration jobs, producing finance reports, processing invoices and daily track of daily revenue and spending.

Steve Crawshaw

Member of the Assembly

From 2002 to 2023 Steve worked for Human Rights Watch (UK director and UN advocacy director), Amnesty International (international advocacy director and Director of the Office of the Secretary General) and Freedom from Torture (policy and advocacy director).

Suela Beka

Μaintenance Αssistant

Suela Beka joined the BIRN Kosovo team in July 2020.

Tamara Chausidis


Tamara Chausidis is experienced editor and media freedom activist.

Tanja Maksic

Programme Coordinator

Tanja Maksic has been a member of the BIRN Serbia team since 2010. She develops and manages projects in the field of media policy and good governance.

Tim Judah

President of the Assembly of BIRN Hub

Tim is journalist and author and special correspondent for The Economist.

Tommaso Siviero

Digital Accounts Manager
Based in Sarajevo, Tommaso joined BIRN in 2022. He is part of the Social Media team, taking care of BIRN’s social media channels in English.

Vaska Cvetanoska Panova

Development and Monitoring Officer

Vaska joined BIRN Hub in September 2022 as a Development and Monitoring Officer. She is based in BIRN Hub’s Skopje office, providing support to regional operations. Her main responsibilities include leading and coordinating fundraising activities and designing project proposals for BIRN programmes. Responsible for developing and implementing the MEL activities, and quality control of programme/project progress reporting.

Vasko Magleshov


Vasko Magleshov is а journalist, anchor and TV host for more than 10 years.

Vesna Bjekic (1952-2014)

Administrative Officer

Over the course of her journalism career, Vesna has worked with Politika, 4 Jul, YU Panorama, Revijalna Stampa, many local Serbian newspapers, and Croatian weekly Danas.

Visar Prebreza

Managing Editor

Visar started his career as a journalist at the “Kosova Sot” newspaper in 2007.

Vladimir Karaj


Vladimir has been an editor at the BIRN Albania (Court and Crime
Reporting) since June 2017.

Vlado Apostolov


Vlado has been covering topics related to organised crime, corruption and human rights for the last five years and at the beginnings of his journalism career he was working as a reporter in the economic newsrooms in several media.

Vuk Tesija

Croatia Correspondent

Vuk Tesija joined BIRN Hub in February 2023 as a correspondent from Croatia.

Xheneta Murtezaj


Xheneta Murtezaj has been engaged as a journalist at since July 2018, initially as an intern, and within a few months was promoted to the position of Junior Journalist.

Xhorxhina Bami

Kosovo Correspondent

Xhorxhina Bami reports on daily developments in Kosovo and also writes feature, analyses, reviews, interviews, and investigations. Originally from Albania, Xhorxhina been living in Kosovo since 2015.

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