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October 2016 – June 2017

BIRN Serbia


BIRN Serbia conducts action which will respond to the lack of information and debate about the level of reforms in areas of health and education on both local and national level.

Information Sheet

Main Objective:
BIRN Serbia envisages a nine-month program aiming to produce in-depth analytical and investigative reports about the results of institutional reforms in the fields of health and education, followed by public debates and policy initiatives, in cooperation with CSOs and think tanks specializing in these issues.
Specific Objectives:
1. Raising the capacity of journalists (including locals) to research and report on health and education2. Creating an informal network with other watchdogs, think tanks and CSOs specializing in these issues
3. Enhancing the public debate on the impact of reforms in the areas of education and health
Main Activities:
A1: Training for journalists will be organized in close collaboration with sectorial organizations specializing in health and education.A2: Through this project BIRN will intensify cooperation with specialist watchdog and think tank organizations
A3: A set of activities that will secure visibility and initiate a public debate, based on four articles and two policy papers produced over the course of the project
Target Groups:
Journalists, civil society organizations, decision-makers in government and parliament, experts, trade unions.

Two policy papers

Public debate