BIRN Kosovo Holds Financial Fraud Reporting Course

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The Balkan Network for Investigative Journalism in Kosovo held a training course entitled ‘Illicit Financial Flow and Money Laundering’ on June 1 in Pristina.

Photo: BIRN

The one-day programme brought together nine aspiring journalists and journalism students and provided them with invaluable insights into this complex subject.

The training commenced with a session led by Visar Prebreza, editor at BIRN Kosovo and a certified expert in financial forensics.

Prebreza shared his expertise, guiding the participants through a deep exploration of illegal money flows and the identification of sectors engaged in illicit activities.

The journalists and students gained crucial knowledge about illegal businesses and crucial skills for tracing illegally obtained funds.

The training continued with an opportunity to listen to Murat Mehmeti, the head of investigations in the Tax Administration of Kosovo.

Mehmeti, hailed as one of the first whistleblowers in Kosovo, played an instrumental role in uncovering a significant case of organised tax evasion.

The investigation, which exposed the wrongdoing in a series published by BIRN, exemplified the impact investigative journalism can have on society.

In the final part of the course, participants were tasked with identifying potential research topics related to the illegal flow of money in Kosovo. This exercise fostered critical thinking and helped the attendees to consider how they could contribute to shedding light on hidden financial activities and their consequences for the region.

The training course was part of the project ‘Uncovering Illicit Financial Flows in the Western Balkans’, supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The project aims to equip aspiring journalists and journalism students with the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle the pressing issue of illicit financial flows as part of attempts to create more transparent and accountable societies in the Western Balkans.