Police 2013

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On January 5, 2014 Justice in Kosovo aired a summary of the actions of Kosovo Police, broadcasted during 2013.

The first action took place at a Klina police station. When the police heard that a shooting took place, they immediately investigated the area.

The police raided the house. After the raid they only found a hunting rifle with an expired license. The father of the suspect was brought to the police station, while his son that was under suspicion was not present during the raid. A case was created against the suspect’s father.

The police told him to come to the police station. After being interrogated by the police, he was released free with an order from the prosecutor and the case is under investigation.

The program continues with an action of the police patrol in Prizren. During this action, several people who didn’t respect the traffic rules received penalties.

Another case in Prizren was about domestic violence. After an anonymous call reporting domestic violence, the patrol went to the house of the family. After investigating the location, they found out that the husband had beaten his wife. They were brought to the police station and the case is under investigation.

A conflict between two families that resulted in several wounded people from the same region is the next case. After arriving to the location, the police officers noticed that many people were wounded. They immediately asked for medical support to help the wounded people, and collected evidence from the location where the conflict happened.

At the end of the program police took more action by confiscating the hunting rifle from a person in Prizren that was using it to hunt without a license.