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On December 29, 2013, “Justice in Kosovo” broadcasted a summary of the most important cases of 2013.

In this program, major stories of 2013 were broadcasted and investigated by “Justice in Kosovo”.

The first story was about buying of votes in the Pasjan Village where people showed how they were contacted by different parties, offering them money to get their vote.

After the program was aired, the police reported that they arrested a Serbian guy who was suspected for buying votes.

In some cases, Prizren announced the winners of the bid before the legal deadlines were fulfilled.

After the program was aired, Alban Susuri the head of Procurement Office of Prizren was arrested and is under investigation.

Elections in the Judicial Council of Kosovo where another story broadcasted, “Justice in Kosovo” followed the debate on the election process of the head of Judicial Council.

Sali Mekaj member of the Judicial Council sent a letter during the session of the Council when it was stated that the election process was followed with a lot of irregularities that make this process illegal.

Enver Peci head of the Judicial Council said that he has no comment on Sali Meka’s complaint, and that he respects the decision taken by all members of the Council announcing Meka’s complaint invalid. Enver Peci was elected head of the Judicial Council in this election.

The next story is about the massacre of Krusha Justice in Kosovo reported on March 2013 about the investigation on war crimes in the village of Krusha.

Cezary Michalczuk the prosecutor of EULEX said that they are in tight collaboration with the Prosecution Office in the Republic of Serbia to get more evidences, also with the Tribunal of Hague and after evaluating all the evidences they will release arrest warrant for suspected people.

“Justice in Kosovo” investigated the story of Medicus hospital who was under suspicion for organ trafficking

The trial of Bajrush Xhemali was another case that occurred in 2013.There was debate on the Judicial Council of Kosovo regarding the verdict for judgment released by the Constitutional Court. Valdete Daka judge in the Supreme Court said that after this action the Constitutional Court became a fourth instance court. Enver Peci head of the Judicial Council said that we cannot judge the verdicts of other courts, in this case it was the Constitutional court.

“Justice in Kosovo” also followed the case of the law for amnesty. On the list compiled by the correction service there are names of people who avoided taxes, charged for murder, etc.

Fejzullah Hasani Head of the Supreme Court said that the Amnesty law presents a lot of dilemmas in the way that it should be implemented, and the correction services sends in the list names of people that have done penal offenses that are not included in the categories defined in the law for amnesty.

In the last part, there is a case that showed how people under accusation escaped the police and changed their names. After reporting the case of Enver Aliu who changed his name in the Vit municipality after the Macedonian Police were searching for him, responsible institutions started monitoring the backgrounds of those who asked for name changes.

The program continues with police actions on the narco trafficking in Shkabaj village municipalities of Gjakova, Pishtina.