Mine Workers Feeling at Risk

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On May 11, 2014 Justice in Kosovo broadcasted the story of the difficult working conditions of Trepca employers.

After the employee Besnik Beqiri was wounded different questions came out. Is Trepca respecting the law of work, what kind of contradicting reports came out from this incident.

Why Trpeca is paying less than 2 euro insurance per month for the employees, and how much is the refund in cases when an employee loses his life?

The employee Besnik Beqir risks losing his life after a serious incident in the mine of Trepca. He started to work when he was only 24. On October 2013 he was wounded in the floatation of Kishnica, his arm was stacked in the mill, while he was painting the transporting mechanism.

The accident left serious consequences. Seven months after this incident no answer from the responsible bodies was given. According the instructions while the mill is working you should not touch it, according to Besnik nobody told him not to touch this machine while it is working.

Bislim Fetahi, former director of the flotation machine at that time now the head of Kishnica mine said that it wasn’t him to tell Beqiri to work at that place, while Riza Vrajolli co-director of Kishnica mine at that time said that the machine cant touched while it is working.

No kind of qualification is needed to work there he added.
It was an accident that touched all of us.

Vrajolli said that Bnik Beqiri was sent to work there by the supervisor Hysni Pllana the day of accident.

The place where Beqiri was working is the safest place said Pllana .

The report of the labor inspectorate on the other hand shows it is not a safe one. The risk of accidents in this place is high according to Basri Ibrahimi the head of labor inspectorate.
The place of work was not a safe on and the employee was not trained for this job when he started there he added.

The report made by the inspector Dejan Stojanovic shows that the reasons of the accident were the lack of safety at the working place, lack of training and information before starting to work there.

The Trepca executives make guilty the employee for the accident.
Besnik Beqiri says that he didn’t know the place where he was working was not a risky on.
“The warning signs were missing” he said.

No one is responsible for this accident the executives of Trepca do not take responsibility on what happened while the labor inspectorate makes them responsible in this accident.

Another institution the independent commission of surveillance of the mines came up with a report saying that everything was fine at the day of accident.

Executives of Trepca promised to study the case again to find out why this accident happened.
We will analyze the case and try to find out what happened said Tmava the head of Trepca.
This case is being treated also by the Kosovo Police.

Besnik Beqiri is hoping to get better.

Bahri Gjyshnica the doctor that treated him says that it is a very heavy case in the beginning he thought that Beqir would have lost the arm, after the surgery they managed to save the arm of Beqiri.

The treatment cost a lot and Beqiri says he cannot afford to pay it.

He should be treated out of Kosovo and make a transplant of the nerve said doctor Gjyshnica.
Nowadays Trepca pays no more than 2 euro per month per employee for the insurance of the employees, and a total 15000 employees.

The insurance company of Trepca is Siguria with owner Behxhet Pacolli .
Rrahim Pacolli executive director of the company said that the employee will be refund for two categories.