Capital Juridical Challenges

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On August 24, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” broadcasted the program focused on the conditions of the judicial system in the municipality of Pristina.

The Prishtina Court covers the largest area of all the courts and according to Hamdi Ibrahimi head of the basic court in Pristina, the number of judges in this court is only the half of what it should be.

“A judge is in charge of 1600 cases, this shows clearly how difficult is the situation” he added.
He explained that most of the time they are treating old cases and do not have time for the new ones.

“If we close the doors of the court today it will take five years to finish old cases” said Ibrahimi.
Another concerning thing in the basic court of Pristine is also the absence of prosecutors in the court to present their cases.

This was confirmed also by the head of the prosecution of Pristine Imer Beka who said that the number of prosecutors they have is insufficient to follow all the cases.

“At the moment we have 27 prosecutors and based on the volume of the cases we need 68 this makes the prosecutors incapable to follow all the cases” said Beka.

Another problem inside the judicial system in Pristina is the absence of professional collaborators.

The head of the court said that they don’t have enough professional collaborators and the existing technical staff is not qualified enough.

Same situation is in the prosecution of Pristine the number of professional collaborators is not enough to maintain a normal level of performance.

The main cases that should be treated in the court of Pristine should be those related to corruption according Ibrahimi, but according to him the prosecution doesn’t present many of them.

The head of the prosecution Imer Beka said that corruption cases are priority but the big volume of work prevents the prosecutors from following them.

Both Prosecution and Court of Pristine are facing the lack of adequate working places. The Court activity is divided in different buildings in Pristine they are looking forward to be transferred at the Palace of Justice.

After 18 months of starting its activity also the Court of Appeal in Pristine is facing a lot of problems.

Sali Meka the head of this court said that even though the number of judges has been reduced they have made a big progress in reducing the number of old cases.