Marathons in Justice

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On April, 27, 2014 Justice in Kosovo discussed about several cases that have been waiting too long in the courts.

The constitution of Kosovo guarantees a fair and rapid juridical process.Kapiti family and Kosumi family had two wait a lot of years for juridical process.

Kapiti family is being waiting since 1999 for a juridical process of a murder that their son committed. After 13 years of process the court gave the verdict that it was an occasional murder.Familiar of the accused explain the situation how all this happened.

The family members of the two victims do not want to comment. The lawyer of Kapiti Azem Vllasi says that his right for a rapid process was violated.

The judgment of this case is a marathon he added. “Kapiti case passed all the reasonable terms of a judgment” said Fejzullah Hasani head of the Supreme Court.

Another similar case is the case of the 75 year old Isa Qerimi from Gilan since 14 years didn’t get a final verdict from the court.He used to work for 20 years till 1990 as a stimulant interpreter in the municipality of Gilan.

After the war even he presented requests to come back to his working place he never got answer.For this reason he made an indictment in September 2000 and still today he doesn’t have an answer.

“Some of the former employees of the municipality who made the indictment toward the municipality were not lucky to wait for the verdict cause they died during this 14 year” said Head of the basic court of Gilan Zyhdi Haziri .
Now this case is being treated again by the basic court of Gilan.

“We will respect the verdict of the court “said Arber Ismajli from the municipality of Gjilan.

According the statistics on the courts of Kosovo there are 420 thousand cases not resolved.
Kosumi family became also a regular visitor of the court since their brother died in a traffic accident on the way Podujev – Prishtina.

The request from the family for compensation from the insurance company is still on the court.
“After 8 years this case will be preceded” said the head of the Court Salih Meka.On the basic court 400 thousand cases are waiting for a verdict.

“Soon we will be obliged by the EU to make a law that will stop the prolonging of the process “said Fejzullah Hasani head of the Basic court.

“If the right for a fair judgment is violated it threatens also other human rights” said Arpi Avetisyan lawer.

Below there is an insert from the Kosovo police traffic patrolling in Pristina.
It presents an action from the police regarding the alcohol consuming while driving and if drivers respect the traffic signs.