Espionage Inside Kosovo Police

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On March 9, 2014 Justice in Kosovo broadcasted a program regarding leaking of information from the Kosovo Police.

In the offices of the Kosovo police are stored documents of high importance. For a long time whispers were circulating that Serbian MUP had access on them.
This became stronger after the action of the police in Shterpca region.

These four officials working in the police station of Shterpca were under suspicion of leaking information to the MUP: Radisha Markovic,Dragan Markovic,Dejan Stojanovic,Dejan Gjorkovic.

Discovering the network came 3 months after of investigation by the police of KosovoThe Police of Kosovo organized a raid at the house of a Serbian citizen of Shterpca, Dragotin Ivanovic.During this raid guns were confiscated along with technical devices like mobile phones also documents.

Another part treated in the same in this Municipality is the functioning of the parallel Court.
Even though Edita Tahiri promised that no parallel institutions will exist after signing the agreement with Belgrade.

A parallel court giving verdicts still exists. This court left Dragotin Ivanovic in house arrest. The prosecution didn’t agree on this and sent the case to the Court of Appeal.

The head of the Court in Ferizaj was contacted by a reporter from “Justice in Kosovo.” but the individual chose not to comment