Bribery in the Municipality of Gjakova

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On February 09, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” aired a bribery case in the municipality of Gjakova.

Hasan Berisha a citizen of Gjakova told that he paid 20 thousand euro to get a stamp for registering his land in the Land Consolidation Office of Gjakova.

In 2005 Skender Sina was under accusation for getting 20 thousand euro to facilitate the procedures for registration of the land.

Berisha explained how the official of NSH “Gjeodezia” Skender Sina contacted him and proposed to pay and get the land land registration easily. They met in a restaurant in the Xerxa village and agreed together to resolve this problem.

Berisha registered the whole conversation he had with Skender Sina, having it as a guarantee when he gave the money, 20 thousand euro.
But both of them didn’t know that police officers were following the whole deal.

On November 2005, the indictment was opened from the prosecution of Gjakova against Sina for bribery.This case was transferred to the Court of Decan.

After 3 years Sina was announced guilty and sentenced to 1 year in jail by the Court of Decan.Skender Sina claimed on the verdict of this court. The Court decided that the voice recording needed to be verified on a professional laboratory.
And after this decision nothing was done, 8 years after the penal offense was committed.

Without the expertise, the court cannot take a verdict on this case
As this case is not being treated for several years “Justice in Kosovo” asked for responsibility for the responsibility for the obsolescence of the case, Ministry of Justice but there was no answer.

Hasan Berisha said that he had the information that his case will be intentionally left not proceeded to get old.8 days before the case expired the judge called for a judgment, Sina did not accept the verdict.

Hasan Berisha said that he is sure the case will continue to be delayed since it happened in the past.
The next court session will be on March, 3 of this year