Law Violators Inside the Police

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On February 16, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” aired the stories of Gani Berisha from Prizren who was beaten in the police station and the story of Mehdi Krasniqi who found out his son was hit by a police car. 

On January 11, 2014 Gani Berisha cut off the line of cars in the area known as “Albanian market” and was stopped by two police officers who gave him a ticket.
Berisha said that when he went to the police station to pay the ticket, he saw one of the police officers that stopped him that day. The police officer put Berisha the hand cuffs and punched him till he lost consciousness.

Berisha was sent to a hospital in Prizren. This fact was confirmed by Dr. Sadri Hulaj: “The patient Gani Berisha arrived at 16:55 with an ambulance in critical condition. He was beaten in the Prizren police station according to Hulaj.

Lulzim Shala head of the traffic unit in Prizren said he is aware of this case since Gani Berisha reported it.
“I have no information that he was beaten at least that’s what the police officers told me. They say he fell himself, most probably he is suffering from a disease like epilepsy” said Shala.

But Hulaj treated Berisha and said that the patient had no signs of any disease and he was just beaten.
“It is written in the report that the headaches were a result of punches” said Hulaj.

“Justice in Kosovo” contacted the two police officers I.V and F.G who stopped the citizen Berisha, one of them was suspected to have beaten Berisha at the police station, but it was impossible to talk to them as the Inspectorate of police is doing investigations on this case.

“IPK accepted a complaint by a citizen regarding this case and now the investigation department in collaboration with the prosecution is treating the case” said the spokesperson of the Inspectorate of Kosovo Police, Arber Beka.

The second case that “Justice in Kosovo” covered is the incident that happened on the street “Deshmoret e Kombit” where an unknown person driving too fast went off the road and hit 3 people.

The person that caused the accident left, without offering help to the wounded people, Florent Krasniqi and Hana Mehmetaj were badly wounded, while Valon Prapashtica less wounded.

Mehdi Krasniqi father of Florent Krasniqi, found out who caused this accident 10 days later. He met occasionally a witness of the accident who had recorded the plates of the car that wounded three people.

This plate registration belonged to the car of the police officer Shefki Qerimi. This evidence brought the Police Inspectorate to sue the police officer.

The Basic Court of Pristina on November 18, 2013 announced Shefki Qerimi guilty and sentenced him to 9 months of jail.
Qerimi did not want to comment. He said that he made a complaint on the Court of Appeal and is waiting for their verdict.