Vushtria at Risk of Explosion

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On September 29, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” broadcasted the risk of explosion due to the ammoniac canisters found within Llamkos factory, in the city of Vushtria.

An investigation made by “Justice in Kosovo” showed reports of state authorities that emphasized that citizen of Vushtri can be at risk of a gas and ammoniac explosion.

The investigation also shows that the public security institutions have not taken any precautions to avoid the risk.The problem with the ammoniac in the Llamkos depots started in last June when KEDS cut the electricity to Llamkos factory.

The electricity in this factory above all the functions on the production line is needed to keep to control the ammoniac tanks.In case the ammoniac canisters explode, the experts have calculated that inhabitants living 5 up to 7 kilometers near Llamkos factory are threatened.

The risk for explosion and technical failures is also ascertained by the inspectors of the Emergency Management Agency.

The officials of the Emergency Department in Vushtri warned that there was a serious risk and also explained how all the institutions are aware of this risk and no precautions have been taken. According to them, no one is in charge of the depots and if someone enters it is a dangerous situation.

The inhabitants told “Justice in Kosovo” that they are scared. They say that they see firefighters cooling the canisters, which according to chief of the firefighters, if exposed to the sun is at risk of exploding.

Officials from Llamkos denied the possibility of any explosion. They even said that their tanks are almost empty and are safe.
According to them, the reservoirs have security valve are supervised by a security company.