Promotion of Police Officers

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On September 22, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” revealed how four lieutenants and a captain of the Kosovo Police are promoted, although not passing the written test.

The investigation which analyzed the results of the exams done by the Police of Kosovo showed that the police officers who didn’t even pass the test, only for the fact that they came from minority groups got promoted.

The explanation given by the police of Kosovo was that the promotion of the 5 police officers was purposely done to increase the number of supervisors that come from minority communities.

The Minister of Internal affairs Bajram Rexhepi didn’t comment on this case, saying he has not dealt with this process.
“The criteria of evaluating the officials of the Kosovo Police should be the same for all” said the deputy Nuredin Ibishi.

“As far as I know there is no other country that follows this practice, including countries that are compound of different minority groups like Kosovo”, he added.

On the second part of the program “Justice in Kosovo” was broadcasted the investigation regarding the causes of the death of the 21 year old Edon Petershani, who died after a fatal incident on the factory where he was working.

After 8 years his parents do not agree with the decision of the court, and when they went to ask for the death certificate they found out that their son’s case was closed.

The judge of the case Ilmi Hoxha didn’t want to comment; he said that it was closed after 6 years.

The prosecutor who prepared this subject and did all the investigations said that he agreed with the sentence and he didn’t claim.
The family of the victim claims that the judgment process was not fair and there were a lot of irregularities during the process of preparing the investigation file.