Public Property Criminal Offense

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On September 14, 2014 Justice in Kosovo discussed regarding public property criminal offenses done by former lawyers of the Basic Court of Pristina.

Cases of criminal offense on public property were reported during the TV program “Justice in Kosovo”. There were 15 cases of former lawyers of the Court of Pristina who gave illegal verdicts in cases of privatizing public property. The total estimated damage was around 60 million euro.

All those cases were managed by Judge Nuhi Uka in the Basic Court in Pristina. He distributed the 15 indictments to different lawyers and all of them broke the chronological schedule in the court.

All the accused people in this process were sentenced with conditioned jail starting from six months to up to 2 years.

Previous cases in the juridical system showed evidences that other members of the juridical system have been sentenced up to six years in prison for the same type of criminal offense.

“This judgment was not fair, this sentence policies, create space for misuses within the juridical system” said Armend Zenelaj Court Monitor from BIRN

“The investigation should have last to prove who really benefited and how much money got each of them” he added.

The prosecutor of the case said he was fine with the sentence but he did not agree to the scale of the sentence.