Cross- border Crime

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On September 7, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” broadcasted an investigation showing how several citizens are destroying the woods that border Serbia.

Citizens are illegally cutting the woods and no one is preventing this. “Justice in Kosovo” interviewed the minister of defense regarding this matter

“This is a repeating of such incidents in the same area” said Bajram RexhepiHe said that they had information that the wood cutters were cutting woods in Serbia border.

First the villagers were scared to talk they didn’t want to talk publicly.The reason why they go illegally to Serbia is because they have like more woods than the Kosovo part.

The minister of Defense says he is informed of this activity, and if the two police did not collaborate it would be hard to stop this.

A Serbian from Metergovc admitted to the camera that he has seen people cutting woods and they have no problem from the border police two pass the border more than 2 km without being stopped by the police.

After reporting the incident of wood cutting the crew of “Justice in Kosovo” visited the same area again and they noticed that the situation didn’t change at all and there are people who continue this activity.

Faik Kadriu from municipality of Podujeva said that it’s not under their responsibility to follow this citizen; the Serbian authorities should take responsibilities because the illegal activity is done in their territory.