Message Leaking from Gjakova Prosecution

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On October 5, 2014 “Justice in Kosovo” covered an exclusive confession of a man who explains how he managed to obtain all the messages his ex-wife sent to his neighbor.

The ex-wife complained to “Justice in Kosovo” because her husband was not allowing her to see her child. When he was contacted by “Justice in Kosovo”, he stated that his wife had an affair with the neighbor, and that he has evidence.

He said that through his connections he managed to get his wife’s phone records “I made a request to the head of Prosecution but they told me I couldn’t get this information, later through a lawyer from Peja I managed to get a part of them” he said.
She does not admit to sending these messages and claims that her husband invented the story in order to gain full custody of their son.

The head of the Prosecution of Gjakova, Shpresa Bakija said that she refused to give the messages to the parties. She also denied to have given the messages to the husband’s lawyer.

“I told them according to the law I can’t give you those messages if the case goes to the court, and this one makes a request to have the messages I will give them” Bakija said.

Bakija said that she cannot explain how the messages leaked from her office, if this was done by the lawyer she is still not aware and does not know how they got a hold of them.

The Prosecution will now follow the case and find out whom and how the messages were leaked since they are considered confidential information from the office of the Prosecution.