The Challenges of the Juridical in Ferizaj and Gjilan

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On August 10, 2014, Justice in Kosovo discussed about the Judicial system situation in the municipalities of Ferizaj and Gjilan.

The 50,000 current cases of the court of Gjilan are split among 31 judges. The prosecutors are in a similar situation, with one prosecutor presenting up to 30 cases
The head of the Basic Court in Gjilan, Zyhdi Haziri, said that the number of cases per judge is too high.

Jetish Maloku, the head of the Prosecution, stated that they need at least 15 prosecutors but only have 12.

“In the village of Kamenica and Viti, it is clear that we are missing prosecutors. Sometimes we only have prosecutors for one day a week,” said Haziri.

Cases of corruption are the most common in the Prosecution of Gjilan.

“We never had pressure to treat corruption cases from the center or from politics,” said Maloku.

The prosecution of Gjilan has five professional assistants for 12 prosecutors. They still they do not have their own building; they are located in a private building.

The Court and Prosecution of Ferizaj deal with the same problems.

Bashkim Hyseni, head of the Basic Court in Ferizaj, said that the number of cases has increased but the number of judges remains the same.

The situation is worse for the Prosecution of Ferizaj.

Agron Qalaj said that there are only 9 prosecutors, but they should have double that number based on the number of cases.
“We have unresolved cases but we are trying our best to make this number lower,” said Hyseni.

“We are waiting for two more prosecutors but this will not improve the situation that much,” said Qalaj.

“In the village of Kacanik the Prosecutor is present only twice a week and Shterpce only once a week,” he added.
The most dominant offenses are prostitution and trafficking of narcotics.