The Peja Court

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On August 3, 2014, Justice in Kosovo discussed about the Judicial system situation in the municipalities of Peja and Gjakova.

Peja is one of the regions with the highest level of crime in Kosovo.
“Our politics regarding penal offenses are really good, but the court cannot follow suspected people. We can only treat the cases when we have an indictment,” said Elmaze Sykaj, head of the Basic Court of Peja.

“Our problem is the small number of judges,” she added.

Galani, the head prosecutor of Peja, said that sensitive murder cases are under the control of special prosecutions. Peja has 11 prosecutors and 36 judges.
The lack of professional assistants is also a big problem in the court and prosecution of Peja . The Prosecution doesn’t have any collaborators and the 36 judges have only 7 professional collaborators.

A similar situation is present in Gjakova. They have a small number of prosecutors overall and only two prosecutors for the crime department. The number of prosecutors cannot handle all cases brought to them.

The Basic Court of Gjakova has the same problem. Vaton Durguti, the head of the court, said that they did their best with only 12 judges.
“Taking in consideration the number of cases, we will need 5 more judges in the court of Gjakova,” he stated.
“Cases of corruption and bribery are the dominate cases in Gjakova,” Bakija said.

Another problem the court and prosecution of Gjakova both are facing is the lack or small number of professional assistants. The prosecution of Gjakova doesn’t have any professional assistants at all. The court of Gjakova has only 5 professional assistants.