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On June 20, 2014, Justice in Kosovo aired a big operation of the Kosovo Police named “Kokaina”.

During a big operation, the Kosovo Police confiscated 18 kg of Cocaine and arrested four people. The total value of the confiscated materials and drug was valued at around 1 million.

The operation, code named “Kokaina,” was extended within Kosovo and along the border with Albania. During the operation money, mobile phones, guns and 18 kg of cocaine was confiscated. The police also discovered an illegal laboratory for cocaine production.

The operation began at the border point Albania-Kosovo with the arrest of someone trying to smuggle 7 kg of cocaine into Kosovo using his car.

As a next step, the police raided a house in Peja where they discovered the illegal laboratory for cocaine production. There they seized 18kg cocaine, 8 liters of chloridric acid, 246 liters of acetone, and equipment from the laboratory.
Among the 4 arrested, one was an American citizen thought to be an expert on cocaine production.

Because of the quantity of cocaine seized, this is considered to be the largest operation of the narco-trafficking department in Kosovo. This operation was part of a bigger one, extending into Albania where 7 kg of cocaine, 18 kg of heroin, and 150 kg of marijuana were confiscated.