“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Vushtrri

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Bajram Mulaku, PDK, the mayor of Vushtrri municipality since 2009 local elections, vying for another term in the office, promised that in four years of the upcoming mandate he will implement specific projects in order to improve the daily lives of Vushtrri citizens.

During the debate, where the main opponent, Muahrrem Shabani, AAK, was not present, Mulaku promised that in the first half of 2014, Vushtrri municipality will have 24 hour water supply through the new factory in Bainc village, and that in the upcoming four years the water supply network will be repaired to supply water to all villages of Vushtrri.

According to Mulaku, agriculture will be another priority, in order to strengthen the economy.
“In 2014 we will invest around 154 thousand euro. 30 thousand euro will be allocated for milking pumps, 25 thousand euro for arboriculture, 15 thousand euro for beekeeping and 10 thousand euro for jetties on the Sitnica River, without taking into account the 50 thousand euro fund dedicated to other projects in agriculture,” said Mulaku.

Further, Mulaku added that there will be improvements to the fiscal policies, especially with regards to tax reductions for certain business categories.

He also noted the future focus on infrastructure. The following are the main projects that Mulaku pledged to focus during his next mandate: road infrastructure with European standards, the main city boulevard, walking paths, revitalisation of cultural heritage building and their utilisation as economic assets.

Mulaku also pledged that he will work towards a more sustainable economic development of Vushtrri municipality. According to him, businesses, especially the manufacturing ones, will have a better environment to operate and grow. He also promised the creation of free economic zones and support to new businesses through incubators. The strategy for foreign investments and will be developed and a municipal office to fundraise for EU funds will be established.

Mulaku said that he will also focus on improving the quality of pre-university education with the supply of didactic tools, digitalisation of schools etc. He also committed to improvement in healthcare, social welfare and cultural heritage.

He concluded that all the promised projects will cost 82 million euro for four years, which will be generated from municipal revenue, governmental grants and other sources.