“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Dragash

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The candidates that made it to the second round in Dragash were Fatmir Mehmeti, LDK, with 30.5 per cent and Salim Jonuzi, PDK, with 33.7%.

The debate was organised in the municipal assembly of Dragash, with the participation of the newly-elected municipal MPs.

In the beginning of the debate, the candidates elaborated further on the pledged they had made in the first round of debates, explaining in detail the implementation of projects, their costs and the sources of funding. They focused on education, schools, tourism, water supply, sewage system, efficient public administration and road infrastructure.

Both candidates had prepared detailed presentations of five major projects they were promising to implement in Dragash during the next mandate.

Project’s promised by Mehmeti from LDK were presented by his advisor, Qamil Kollani, and included the following: sewage system in villages, building two schools, improving road infrastructure, building one kindergarten, elimination of illegal waste landfills, as well as improved management of the municipality, including cost-cutting.

On the other hand, Jonuzi from PDK promised drafting of the urban planning, the business centre in Dragash, improved road infrastructure, water supply system for 15 villages, water filtering sewage system for villages as well as healthcare.