“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Prishtina

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Shpend Ahmeti, the Vetevendosje candidate who ran for mayor of Pristina presented his program in front of assembly members, during a during a “Life in the Municipality” run-off debate in November.


During the debate, Ahmeti discussed three projects during the first set of debates and explained them in greater detail, especially the water supply project and the school and public transportation project. He focused on public nurseries and improving each neighborhood. 

According to Ahmeti, the municipality doesn’t belong to Vetevendosje, but to citizens, he invited all assembly members to present their ideas.

Through a powerpoint presentation, he said that they will create a long term budget plan. He also added that Prishtina municipality’s budget will be increased in four years from 32 million to 52 million euro.
He presented 12 points and declared that he claims full responsibility if his promises are not fulfilled.

“We will have political and social responsibility in case we fail to implement this program,” Ahmeti said.
He pledged twenty-four-hour water supply, affordable nurseries, education, an educational staff this is not affiliated with politics and free meals for elementary students.

The candidate was challenged by moderator Jeta Xharra regarding the cost of the meals, he said would be 350,000 euro. The calculations of the candidate did not match up to the moderator’s. According to Xharra, estimating the costs of the meals to be 1 euro each, said the total cost would reach 2.7 million euro in 19 months.

Ahmeti said that the meals will be small and the cost will range from 10 cents to 15 cents. He continued discussing the domestic product market, creating space for local producers, and saying he will make an agreement with Prishtina restaurants to use domestic products.

Ahmeti also promised to regulate the issue of buildings that lack permission from the municipality. He said that as mayor, he will put an end to illegal buildings.

Health care and local decisionmaking are other priorities that Ahmeti mentioned in his presentation.

“I alongside the citizens in every neighbourhood,” Ahmeti says.

At the end, he said that would be remembered “for non-stop water … in the municipality of Prishtina.”