“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Gjilan

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In the local 2013 elections, the Gjilan municipality had nine candidates. LDK candidate Lutfi Haziri got 40.61 percent of votes, while Qemajl Mustafa from PDK got 25.44 percent of votes.


Haziri said during the “Life in the Municipality” run-off debate in November that the elections on November 3 went well. Also, Haziri didn’t show slides to present his strategy.

The LDK candidate was faced with the promises he made during the first set of elections and was given the possibility to explain and present his projects and their cost.

Some promises he made during the first round were that 40 percent of the total income of around 3.8 million euro will go toward basic infrastructure. Another project includes the sewers, which will be co-financed by the government, European Commission and the municipality. He also mentioned that 8 million euro of investment is needed for education.

Haziri also said that debts will be the municipality’s responsibility, and that other forms of debt should be reported to Ministry of Finance. In the first debate, he said said he would reduce taxes in 2014.

Some of Haziri’s main priorities mentioned were: Developing the city, stadium of the city, local businesses, canalization, improving educational infrastructure, industrial areas that will cost around 1 million euro.

During the debate Mustafa complained that Haziri had no reason to not face him during the debate. The PDK candidate dealt with the promises he made during the first debate – presented his projects. He promised to reform public administration, economic development of around 23 million euro and also collaborate with different municipalities.