“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Malishevë

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In the second round of elections in Malishev, Ragip Begaj from IQM and Salih Morina from LDK faced each other.

During the first round, Begaj won 41.89 percent of votes, while Salih Morina won 26.19 percent of votes.

In the second half of the “Life in the Municipality” debate in October 2013, the candidates were faced with the promises they made during the first round, while during the second part they presented their strategies. Both candidates presented five projects on slides.

Begaj’s first project was building the Nuhi Mazreku elementary school in Gurisht, which will cost 300,000 euro and be completed in 2014. Other elementary schools that will be constructed include Imer Krasniqi in Carralluk, costing 250,000 euro; Ramadan Morina in Damanek, costing 300,000 euro; and Deshmoret e Kombit school in Bubavec, costing of 300,000 euro.

Another project presented was building a water supply factory in Drenoci, costing 3 million euro. The construction time for this project is divided and will be completed by 2015.

The accumulation project for a cave in Panorci is an investment worth 400,000 euro. Also, the canalization project costs 400,000 euro.

The total cost of investments is 6.98 million euro.

Morina’s project focuses on building a nursery, costing 200,000 euro. Other projects include constructing an elementary school in Damanek, a cost of 580,000 euro and creating an elementary school in Guriq, costing 300,000 euro.

Another LDK project is in Malisheva and it focuses on constructing the Emergency Center, which costs 420,000 euro and will be completed in 2015.

Urbanization projects mentioned including constructing transit roads with a cost of 3.2 million euro, construction of water collector with a cost of 650,000 euro, infrastructure development of the Mirdita neighborhood with a cost of 650,000 euro.

Morina also mentioned projects concerning agriculture. These projects include building 20 small greenhouses, costing 400,000 euro which will increase the number of commercial farms for milk consumption. He also promised to build a youth centre with a total cost of 150,000 euro.

Total cost of investments is 7.54 million euro.

During the second round, Begaj won with 65.8 percent of votes.