“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Lipjan

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Shukri Buja (PDK) and Imri Ahmeti(LDK) were to candidates that were vying for the mayor of Lipjan on the second round of local elections.


Buja came first with 10,575 of votes, or 36 per cent, while Imri Ahmeti came second with 10,294 votes or 35 per cent.

During the Life in Municipality debate, both candidates came with detailed presentations on five largest projects they envisaged to implement in their mandate as the mayor of Lipjan. The discussion was also joined by the newly elected local MPs, according to the preliminary results of the Central Election Commission, CEC. Newly elected local MPs of LVV and AAK did not attend the debate.

Both candidates expressed their gratitude to the citizens who voted for them and enabled a smooth and democratic electoral process.

Buja and Ahmeti were played footages of their electoral pledges, made during the first round of Life in Municipality debates, and were asked to further elaborate on these project and their costs. They spoke in detail about the ways in which they will implement these projects, the source of funding and the details cost analysis.

Buja expanded further on his plan of renovating the coach station, improving the state of agriculture and his focus on tourism for the next mandate. On the other hand, Ahmeti explained his plans for agriculture, improving road infrastructure in some of the villages of Lipjan and the overall improvements in local governance of the municipality.

According to the 2014-2016 Mid-term Budget Framework, the municipality will continue to spend the largest share of its budget on the budget category ‘Wages and Per-Diems’, while the Subsidiaries will be increased 40% in 2015.
Five main projects of Shukri Buja were focused on education, culture youth and sports, economy, tourism and agriculture, infrastructure and environment and healthcare and social welfare (410 thousand euro), totalling to 12,3 milion euro of municipal budget. The five projects were presented on slides with details on the source of investment and the costs.

On the other hand, Ahmeti’s projects focused on finalising road infrastructure of the remaining villages of Lipjan, sewage system, water supply network, new schools, stadiums and other sport facilities.

The debate was further enriched with questions that citizens sent through the Kallxo.com platform.