“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Junik

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On November 11, 2013, BIRN organised the run-off debate in the municipality of Junik with Agron Kuqi from AAK, who won 1,209 votes (47.81 per cent), and Zenun Shala from LDK, winning 823 votes (32.54 per cent) in the first round.

During the debate held at the Municipal Assembly of Junik the candidates presented five large projects they foresee to implement in their next mandate. The newly-elected municipal MPs were also present during the debate.

Both candidates expressed their gratitude to the citizens who voted them and enabled a fair and democratic election process.

The candidates were played the pledges made during the first round of electoral debates, and were given time to further elaborate on their implementation and the costs to be endured.

Agron Kuqi (AAK) detailed his plans with regards to the coach station, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, sports facilities and many other projects too. Meanwhile Zenun Shala (LDK) elaborated on education, professional admin staff, quality healthcare services, subsidiaries in agriculture, sport, infrastructure and cost cutting.

Five main projects presented by Kuqi were mainly based on the premise of donations from international organisations. They include a factory for collecting forest fruits, master feasibility plan, support to SMEs, Morenica complex, and tourism. While elaborating on these projects, Kuqi left out infrastructure projects which he promised during the first round of electoral debates.

Zenun Shala from LDK presented the following five projects: road infrastructure, green market place, two sports facilities, one public kindergarten, and watering services.

Shala from LDK directed criticism for the current municipal governance, and according to him the mayor had started many projects but left them unfinished. He also mentioned Kuqi’s holiday house, which according to him was built with donations from the European Commission, which in fact were allocated for a tourism centre.