“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Gjakova

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On November 16, 2013, BIRN organised the run-off debate with candidates vying for the mayor of Gjakova.

With 20,160 votes (43.95%) Mimoza Kusari-Lila from AKR and Pal Lekaj from AAK with 16,376 votes (35.7%) were the candidates vying for the second round of election in the municipality of Gjakova.

During the debate held at the Municipal Assembly of Gjakova the candidates presented five large projects they foresee to implement in their next mandate. The newly-elected municipal MPs were also present during the debate.

Both candidates expressed their gratitude to the citizens who voted for them and enabled a smooth and democratic electoral process.

The candidates were reminded of the pledges made during the first round of electoral debates, and were given time to further elaborate on their implementation and the costs to be endured. Given that Gjakova is a city with economic potential; both Kusari-Lila and Lekaj centred their projects on economic revival.

Kusari- Lila (AKR) presented the following five projects for the citizens of Gjakova: road and water infrastructure, conference centre for the municipality of Gjakova, “New Gjakova” project, as well as projects in agriculture and tourism. All these projects were based on donations from international organisation, and according to her, during the first three years of her mandate the municipality will be able to fundraise six to seven million euro. Some of them will also be implemented through public-private partnership, enabling job creation for 2,000 people.

Lekaj (AAK) promised the following projects: economic development, including support to large businesses, SMEs, small businesses and family businesses, tourism, the city park etc.