“Life in the Municipality” run-off debates: Klina

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Sokol Bashota, PDK, revealed his detailed projects to be implemented in Klina in the upcoming mandate.

In the absence of his opponent in the debate, Enver Berisha, AAK, Bashota mentioned the water factory, which, according to him, will be functional in the beginning of 2014.

He also promised to build three new schools, including the one in Upper Jashanica, which will accommodate 300 pupils, as opposed to the existing schools which accommodates only about 60 pupils. In this regard, he also promised to increase the capacities of the existing kindergarten in the city.

Bashota also promised to build the Ismet Raci elementary school, estimated to cost around 1.6 million euro, co-financed from the Ministry of Education. According to him the school will be ready in 2016.He also promised three buildings to accommodate war veterans, with 100 apartments.

Following the discovery of a mosaic, dating back to Illyrian times, Bashota also promised further archaeological research co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, for which he has allocated 150 thousand euro from the municipal budget.

Investments in agriculture will amount to 600 thousand euro in the four-year mandate.

Bashota promised that in the scope of his mandate, he will fix the riverbed of Drin River, with investment totalling to 1 million euro.