Life in Kosovo discusses the privatisation of public enterprises

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Tonight in Life in Kosovo, Shyqri Haxha and Andrea Capussela will meet to discuss the reasons why the agreement between telecommunications companies Dardafone and PTK was signed, creating a deal that is more profitable for Dardafone than PTK.

Is the director of PTK only implementing the board’s requests, or is he responsible for everything that he has signed? Was Shyqri Haxha ever pressured to sign such an agreement? What does the Financial Times’ Balkans correspondent say about the privatisation problems in other countries in the region? Why have neither Slovenia nor Serbia managed to sell their state-owned telecommunication companies? Since three bidders are not applying, should PTK be privatised or not? What are the challenges for energy sector privatisation in Kosovo and the Balkans in general?

In order to discuss these and other issues related to the privatisation of public enterprises, Jeta Xharra has invited the following guests to the studio:

Shyqri Haxha, executive director of PTK;
Andrea Capussela, former head of the International Civilian Office (ICO) financial unit;
Arben Gjukaj, managing director of Kosovo Electric Company (KEK); and
Neil MacDonald, Financial Times correspondent for the Balkans.

At the end of the show, in the context of the ‘Youth in Kosovo’ section, BIRN will broadcast a report produced by youths of between 14 and 20 years of age, on the topic “The school year has finished, what do we do now?” The report shows the activities that youth can do during the summer, such as reading books, learning foreign languages, attending theater courses or go fishing.