Life in Kosovo discusses the municipal elections in Albania

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Life in Kosovo broadcasts a debate on the May 8 municipal elections in Albania.

Questions to be discussed include: How are the media, civil society organisations and political parties performing their roles during the campaigning period? Why are politicians preventing journalists from reporting on their campaigns? Where did politicians learn how to prepare videos of their own election rallies, and how did they force the media to broadcast these videos? Does Albania need to change its political system, or the leaders of its political parties, in order to be a functional state?


To discuss these and related issues, Jeta Xharra has invited the following guests to join her in the studio:


Blendi Fevziu, from KLAN Television
Fatos Lubonja, a political analyst
Lutfi Dervishi, from Transparency International
Skender Minxhozi, from Map magazine
Sokol Balla, from Top Channel

After the debate, BIRN will broadcast an interview by journalist Alban Selimi with a representative of the union of University Clinical Center of Kosovo and the financial director of the centre, to talk about the wages of consultants.  


At the end of the show, journalist Edona Musa will show how relatives of the managers of the Prishtina Regional Water Company are being hired.