Life in Kosovo discusses the University of Prizren

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Tonight, after the evening news, at 11.15pm, Life in Kosovo broadcasts a debate on how the Kosovo’s recently opened second public university, University of Prizren, is functioning.

What is happening with this university? Why is Rolland Monch, the German dean of this university, being dismissed? What violations were found during the auditing process of this university? What does Rolland Monch say about the situation created? What do the professors say regarding the dismissal of the dean? What does the Ministry of Education say about the mess?


To discuss these and other issues related to the University of Prizren, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following guests:


Naim Hasani, head of the Higher Education Department at the Ministry of Education;

Adnan Dragaj, founding director of the University of Prizren;

Ferdije Zhushi-Etemi, president of National Council of Quality;

Arsim Rexhepi , professor in the University of Prizren.


After the debate, Life in Kosovo broadcasts an interview by journalist Edona Musa with the dean of the University of Prizren, Rolland Monch.