Life in Kosovo debates the process of appointing judges and prosecutors

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Life in Kosovo broadcasts a debate on the process of appointing and reappointing judges and prosecutors in the judicial system of Kosovo.

What are the reasons of dragging this process for two years? Has there been political influence in this process? Are judges and prosecutors disappointed? How much time is needed in order to have a functional judicial system? Do judges and prosecutors deserve to retake the ethics exam which they failed the first time?

To discuss these and related judicial issues, the following panellists join Edona Musa in the studio:   

Fejzullah Hasani, Head of the Supreme Court of Kosovo
Lirie Osmani, Head of the Judicial Council of Kosovo
Ismet Kabashi, Chief Prosecutor
Kapllan Baruti, Head of the Mitrovica District Court
Dastid Pallaska, Attorney

During the course of the show, BIRN will broadcast an interview with the leader of Vetëvendosje,Self-Determination movement, Albin Kurti, in his offices.

As part of the Justice in Kosovo section, the researcher Florent Spahija talks about the lack of efficiency in solving court cases.

The journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu talks about the dysfunctional Public Finance Commission, and in the section Week’s Highlight, the journalist Jeta Abazi talks about an insurance company which has fulfilled its promise and paid for the damages to an injured person.      

At the end of the show, highlights from second anniversary of Kosovo’s independence will be shown, followed by the satirical section Lamjet.


Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. It is broadcast every Thursday, starting at 20:20.