2010 Programme Promotion in full swing

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We are pressing ahead with Fellowship promotional campaigns while queries and applications continue to arrive from countries covered by the scope of the programme.

In order to attract quality candidates and keep up the high standards set during previous years, fellowship team has focused its efforts in notifying all the major media organizations and media outlets in the region. Information on the Fellowship has been published by media and web platforms and disseminated via mailing lists, organizations and professional forums throughout the Balkans, while the Fellowship programme 2010 web page has received around 5,000 visitors.

This year, the programme promotion has been expanded to Social Networks and Media Marketing such as Facebook & LinkedIn, important tools for keeping people informed and up to date on the latest news and happenings.

Within the framework of this year’s topic “Taboo” we are hoping to open debate and offer fresh insights on issues about which there is little serious discussion in the media in South East Europe.

As we continue to proactively promote this year’s programme, we are also ready to reach out to new applicants and potential fellows, in view of the announcement of new fellows in March 2010.