Life in Kosovo Discusses War Veterans

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This Thursday, the TV show Life in Kosovo discusses war veterans of Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA.

Does the KLA enjoy respect for their contribution to the war? Do we have a clear state strategy on how we
should treat people who contributed in the war?

How does Kosovo’s handling of war veterans compare to other countries? Is the government using the KLA’s war in order to cover their mistakes and deficiencies? How does a fighter feel today? How much attention is paid to the aesthetic and cultural message from sites which are representing the most important part of our history? How does the proposal for the memorial complex of the Jashari family in Prekaz look?

To discuss the position of war veterans from the KLA and the cultural importance of the memorial facilities,
the following guests joined Jeta Xharra in the studio:

Ylber Selmani, war invalid  
Shqipe Mehmeti-Selimi, former KLA fighter  
Faik Fazliu, Prime Minister’s advisor
Përparim Rama, architect

The journalist Jeta Abazi talks about the treatment of war veterans by our society.

In the section Justice in Kosovo, the researcher Besiana Gashi shows that despite the many investments,
the Information System of Managing Cases, SIML, doesn’t function in Kosovo’s courts.

Journalist Fatos Halili looks at the national debating tour “Prishtina Open 2010” for students,held on February 27 and 28 and organised by non-governmental organisations in Kosovo.

The show ends with the satirical section Lamje.