International Drug Trafficking in Kosovo

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On November 17, 2013, Justice in Kosovo broadcast a programme on international drug trafficking in Kosovo.  This clip was recorded in cooperation with the Kosovo Police anti-drugs unit.

This programme was conducted with the cooperation of Kosovo Police anti-drug unit. The programme brings exclusive footage on how it has destroyed the trafficking networks of heroin, cocaine, and marihuana, which are thought to have trafficked approximately 300 kilograms of narcotics.

Kosovo is one of the transit roads where many narcotic substances/drugs are transported. The narcotics are transported through Kosovo to the EU countries.  Justice in Kosovo team has cooperated with Kosovo Police for 9 months in order to see the activities of the Kosovo Police anti- drug unit.

The Kosovo Police data show that heroin trafficking starts in Afghanistan, then continue through Turkey and Kosovo and it ends up in EU countries, whereas marihuana is brought from Albania to Kosovo and then continues to EU countries.

The analysis of Kosovo Police show that a portion of drugs remains in Kosovo and it is consumed by the domestic (Kosovo) drug users.

During the first six months of the action, Kosovo Police confiscated 15 kilograms of heroin, 295 kg of marihuana, 3.5kg of cocaine, 264 plants of cannabis, 26 kg of ecstasy, and 34 grams of other drugs.

In addition, there is an exclusive footage of high-risk police operations conducted while confiscating 120 kilograms of marihuana in Pejë, 7 kilograms of heroin in the village Shkabaj, 12 kilogram of marihuana in Gjakovë, and 5 kilograms of heroin in Ferizaj.

One of the most important operations was during September 2013 where Kosovo Police confiscated approximately 7 kg of heroin.

According to the police information, this drug came from Turkey to the village Shkabaj, near Prishtina. The drug was mixed with other drugs and packaged in the village Shkabaj.  The drug dealers were headed to Albania, but the Kosovo Police stopped them near Prishtina. The drug and the vehicles were confiscated immediately. There were many operations similar to this one. During the clip the audience had the chance to see many of the places where drugs are consumed.

Moreover, the programme addresses the ways of hiding narcotic and the international connections of the trafficking networks that operate in Kosovo.