Corruptions in the Commission for Mines and Minerals

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On December 22, 2013, Life in Kosovo discussed bribe taking in the Commission for Mines and Minerals.

In 2011, Kosovo Government through a decision has banned the grit exploitation from the domestic rivers. “The law will be valid for three years counting from the day that the law starts to be implemented”, was said in the decision of the Government on November 2nd, 2013. 

The decision signed by the Prime Minister Hashim Thaci assigned the Commission for Mines and Minerals, Kosovo Police and other institutions to implement this law.

Moreover, in 2013 the owner of company “Elezaj”, Bedri Elezaj, from Klina, told Justice in Kosovo that some officials asked him to give them money in order to help him.

A part of Mr. Elezaj’s company was closed in the end of 2011 because of the decision that was released from the government. Mr. Elezaj started to build a concrete mixer near his company, but in order to put the concrete mixer in function he needed the permission from the Commission for Mines and Minerals.

Mr. Elezaj was warned by the inspectors that he was not allowed to put the concrete mixer in function if he exploits grit illegally. He said that the inspectors never found him exploiting grit, but the inspectors flattered him and offered him to sign a document which he did not understand.

In addition, Mr. Elezaj realized too late what he signed and called the head inspector Nuredin Bislimi who told Mr. Elezaj that the fee can be from 5 thousand Euros to 50 thousand and that he should be careful.

Moreover, Mr. Elezaj decided to meet with the head inspector in Prishtinë and they agreed to give him 1000 Euros bribe in order to cancel the fee.

Meanwhile Elezaj decided to notify the police about this case because he was tired of being pressured.

Two days after the meeting, the head inspector Bislimi and the inspector Lulzim Çitaku visit the “Elezaj” company. Mr. Elezaj, in cooperation with Kosovo Police, gave Nuredin Bislimii 1000 Euros and a few meters away the police immediately arrested the head inspector Bislimi and the inspector Citaku for the penal act of bribe taking.

In addition, the evidences of Mr. Elezaj are being used as main proofs against two inspectors. The case prosecutor of for this case, Shpresa Gashi, told Justice in Kosovo that she made an agreement with Nuredin Bislimi. Mr. Bislimi declared himself as guilty therefore he will receive a lower punishment of 6 months – 1 year in prison.

The lawyer of Nuredin Bislimi, Bajram Tmava, said that her client admitted guilt for bribe taking and during the whole process he was defended in silence.

The other inspector, Lulzim Çitaku, declared himself as not guilty on the ground that he did not know that his chief was asking for bribe. This was confirmed by Çitaku’s lawyer, Mahmut Halimi; whereas, the prosecutor Gashi, who dealt with this case, said that according to the evidence, Çitaku knew about the bribe. She said that the prosecution is investigating also for other inspectors who took bribes. 

As usually, Justice in Kosovo also broadcasted the clips recorded in cooperation with the Kosovo Police. Security in Traffic was the action of the police in this clip. The Kosovo Police officer talked about the number of accidents. 32 accidents happened during 2013 and 37 people died during these accidents. The number of accidents is higher during winter; therefore Kosovo Police did an operative plan where the police will control the citizens if they have all the winter equipment for their vehicle. During the clip Kosovo Police controls a few vehicles where some of the drivers found driving faster than they were supposed to drive and some did not have the winter equipments for their vehicle.