Reportages: Kosovo Cadastral Agency, Problems in the Health Sector, Accidents on the Railways

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“Life in Kosovo” changed the structure of the programme by transmitting three reports from the field. These reports are directly related to the problems that Kosovo faces.

Kosovo Cadastral Agency

The Kosovo Cadastral Agency paid a private company to translate and print two necessary manuals for the work of this institution. However, the materials were translated within the agency before it made the deal with the private contractor. Still, funds provided by the World Bank were transferred to the private company as a translation payment. The owner of the company itself claims that printing materials were delivered in Albanian. Murat Meha, head  of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, is again criticized for abuses of funds that the institution has received from the World Bank. Meha was also accused earlier by former employees of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency because he had not taken measures to prevent breaches of contracts with private companies engaged in the project of Reconstruction of Cadastral Information.

Dukagjin Venhari, former translator in KCA, provided documents to “Jeta ne Kosove” showing that he had been contracted to translate both manuals and was paid by the Norwegian Embassy. He also has the translated manuals with the name of his as the translator, and the name of Murat Meha as the editor.  Meha denies to have ever contracted Venhari to translate the manuals, but Venhari showed the e-mails where he has clearly asked him to translate the manuals. The World Bank gave 5,922 euros for the translation from the private contractor.

The company “Consulting MM” won a tender worth 8,000 euros from the Ministry of Agriculture and was founded in 2008 by Meha, confirmed the Business Registration Agency. Initially, according ARBK, Meha was the owner and the authorized person of the company, but in 2010 would be appointed to another person in both positions. However, the contact number on the business certificate of the company was Meha’s phone number.

Problems in the Health Sector

Luljeta Cocaj from Prizren, on May 2 this year, was operated on the Regional Hospital of Prizren for removal of stone in the right kidney. After the operation, it the stone has not been removed. Fatos Shukriu, the doctor who had operated her, says that such cases occur in medicine. But Cocaj says that before the operation the doctor visited the room and he has not mentioned possible complications that might occur during surgery.

The doctor accepts that the stone was not removed by saying: “No, unfortunately. Despite the attempts of the whole team, assistants, surgery lasted about four hours; we could not remove the stone. There was quite complicated, the patient has a kidney anomaly, “he says. Anomaly, according to doctors, means that the kidney was tired and the continuation of the operation was jeopardized. The family knew about the complications, and her uncle signed the surgery official contract before the operation.

Accidents in the Railways

Every year accidents involving deaf people from crossing the railway in Drenas occur. The solution of this problem is not considered to be close. In the last two years, six people have died and 12 others have been seriously injured in this railway, including a 12-year-old boy who lost his leg.  The mayor of Drenas said that he sees no issues with the rail service, saying it’s the safest mode of transportation. The main problem is that people are not being aware that the rails are not walkways. There should be a higher cooperation between all the municipalities in Kosovo. However, the office of the country’s railways said that this is not true since they are obligated by the law to cooperate with one another and that there have been no complaints by the municipality of Drenas.