Drug trafficking in Kosovo

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On November 22, Justice in Kosovo broadcast the second part of drug trafficking in Kosovo.

The second programme is mainly about the domestic drug users and the amount of drugs that is consumed in Kosovo and also the destruction of narcotics/drugs.

Based on the Kosovo Police analysis, there are around 3000 heroin users in Kosovo. 75 % of persons that use heroin did not start using it in Kosovo; they started consuming heroin while they were living abroad. Whereas, the other drugs such as cocaine, marihuana, and others are becoming very problematic because the number of users is increasing every day.

Moreover, it is estimated that a heroin user uses 1 gram heroin/per day and 356 gram per year.  When the amount of 356 kilograms is multiplied with the number of consumers (3000) results that in Kosovo are consumed approximately 1000 kg of heroin per one year. 1000 kilograms of heroin is equal to 16 million Euros.

Furthermore, Prishtina is the city where drugs are mostly consumed. A prove of drug consumption in Prishtina are the remaining of drugs that are left in the abandoned houses of Prishtina.  Justice in Kosovo together with the Kosovo Police recorded many abandoned houses. Almost all of them were full of needles and syringes.

Also during the programme, the police stopped some random cars just to control if they posses any kind of drugs. The cars that were stopped by police, mainly driven by young boys, possessed marihuana and as soon as they saw police, they tried to hide it.

Finally, according to the Kosovo Police, drugs are also consumed and hidden in the school yards. Police thinks that consuming drugs near schools is very dangerous because kids sometimes play with the needles and the syringes left by drug users.