BIRN Kosovo Trains Journalists in Fact-Checking Public Finances

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BIRN Kosovo on October 30 provided training to journalists on monitoring, fact-checking and reporting on day-to-day issues related to public finances in Kosovo.

At the training session, journalists were further informed on how to fact-check and report on cases related to public finances, how to read audit reports and how to combat informality in the Tax Administration of Kosovo.

The training session was attended by journalists from various media, including those from the Serb community in Kosovo.

Visar Prebreza from BIRN Kosovo addressed the topic of fact-checking related to the economy, procurement and public spending, while Kreshnik Gashi, anchor of the ‘Justice in Kosovo’ TV programme, provided more information about fighting informality in the Tax Administration of Kosovo.

At the end of the session, the journalists were certified by BIRN Kosovo for their successful completion of the training.

The training session was held within the framework of the “CSOs as Equal Partners in Monitoring Public Finance” project.