BIRN Kosovo Holds Training on ‘Redirect Method’ – to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism and Terrorism

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From 24 to 27 July, BIRN Kosovo, with the support of the IOM Office in Kosovo, held trainings on the Redirect Method – a technique developed to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism by utilizing the power and influence that social media has nowadays.

The training sessions brought together officers from the Kosovo Police and the Interior Ministry, legal and IT officers from Courts and Prosecutors’ Offices, as well as representatives of media and civil society organisations.

Besides being trained on the Redirect Method, the representatives of the aforementioned institutions and organisations were given the opportunity to address obstacles they have faced while working on preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism, as well as engage on discussions and share best practices from different perspectives.

The content was delivered by Kreshnik Gashi, a certified trainer on the Redirect Method and editor-in-chief at, and by Labinot Leposhtica, head of the legal office at BIRN Kosovo and court monitoring project manager.