BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina People


Admir Hodžić

Detektor Social Media Manager

Based in Sarajevo, Admir joined BIRN in March 2021 and is managing BIRN BiH’s official social media platforms, including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

Aida Mahmutović

Project Coordinator, BIRN BiH

Aida joined BIRN BiH team in April 2021. She is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Azra Husaric

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Detektor Journalist/Court MonitorAzra Husaric joined BIRN BiH team in October 2019 as a journalist and works as a court reporter.

Denis Dzidic

BIRN BiH Executive Director and Editor

Denis Dzidic is the Executive Director and Editor for BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina. He joined BIRN in August 2008, and after working as a journalist, deputy editor and chief editor for BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina’s flagship website he has been named Executive Director as of October 1, 2019.

Dzana Brkanic

Detektor Deputy Editor

Dzana Brkanic, who joined the BIRN team in May 2013, has been working as a journalist since 2005 after beginning her career as a reporter for Radio Free Europe. Since December 2019 Brkanic acts as a Deputy Editor in BIRN BiH.

Elma Selimovic

Media Monitoring Offcer

Elma Selimovic joined BIRN BiH Detektor team in April 2013. She has worked as a journalist since 2006.

Emina Dizdarevic

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Emina joined BIRN BiH’s Detektor team in March 2014.

Haris Rovcanin

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Haris has worked with BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina since September 2016.

Irvin Pekmez

Detektor Journalist

Irvin joined Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia, BIRN BiH, in December 2020.

Katarina Zrinjski

Project Manager

Katarina joined the BIRN BiH team in October 2014.

Lamija Grebo

Detektor Journalist/Court Monitor

Lamija Grebo joined BIRN BiH in January 2014 as a web archive assistant and intern. As of January 2015 she is working as a journalist for Detektor.

Mirza Mršo

Detektor Cameraman

Mirza joined BIRN BiH in March 2021. He has been a cameraman for 15 years in TV companies in Bosnia.

Nejra Džaferagić

Detektor Journalist

Nejra is a BIRN BiH journalist based in Sarajevo. Aside from journalistic reporting, she is in charge of running a database connected to public procurement procedures.

Nermina Kuloglija


Nermina joined BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2019.

Seid Hrncic

Operations Coordinator and Office Manager

Seid joined BIRN in November 2019 after 11 years of working experience in the business sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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