BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina About


The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) is a media non-governmental organisation based in Sarajevo, which specialises in monitoring and reporting on war crimes trials and corruption.

BIRN BiH has been actively analysing and informing the public about the work of the war crimes chambers at the state and local courts in BiH since it was formed in January 2005.

BIRN BiH supports the development of high quality media and civil society in BiH that is fully active in the governance of its country and in securing and exercising its democratic rights and obligations.

BIRN BiH’s work emphasizes dealing with the past, particularly justice for the victims of war crimes committed during the 1992-95 war, thereby contributing to the peace-building process in BiH. Having society and institutions not ready to deal with the past constitute perhaps the greatest obstacle to the country’s peace sustainability efforts.

In line with this purpose, BIRN BiH publishes a substantial body of high quality reports, investigations and analyses on crucial transitional political, economic and social themes and facilitates broad public debate on those themes by hosting cross-sector conferences. In addition to everyday activities BIRN BiH provides knowledge-based training to individual journalists and media houses via vocational and workshop-based methods.

Acting as key educators in the field of war crime trials reporting, the expertise of the BIRN BiH staff in dealing with the past has been recognized both by the local and international based audience. Our core team of Justice Report contributors and editors is widely respected by the judiciary, victims and the media as a point of contact for issues related to war crimes trials.