Enes Hodžić

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Enes joined BIRN BiH in May 2022 as a journalist/investigator. He is based in BIRN BiH’s Sarajevo office providing support to various projects.

He works as an investigative journalist and specialist court monitor. Since joining the team, he has contributed to various investigative pieces related to far-right extremism. During the past year, he has done several researches into harmful foreign influences in the Balkans and cyber security, including the first report on cyber security threats in BiH, which BIRN BiH presented in cooperation with CSEC.

Some of his investigative pieces, which were high on the media radar, were: “Bosnian Entity Road Company Ignores Sanctions, Promotes Gazprom Petrol Stations” – “Detektor, BiH ranjiva na cyber napade zbog nedostatka ključnih dokumenata” – “Detektor and “Kako su dvije desničarske organizacije spriječile mirnu šetnju povodom Dana bijelih traka u Prijedoru”.

He authored the first Detektor Magazine episode on cyber security, “Građani i institucije i dalje bez zaštite od cyber napada”, and co-authored an episode of the TV Justice show about the online monetization of hatred flourishing in Bosnia and Serbia.

Apart from journalism, he has high interest in technology and (cyber)security.

Previous Experience

Previously, he worked in various media outlets in Bosnia and gained extensive experience in journalism and investigative work, administration, financial and operational work.

Since 2012, he worked at the media outlets Visoko.co.ba, Radio Sarajevo and Federation Television as journalist and editor and was responsible for various projects and contents in those outlets.

He also worked as a project manager at VICOBA d.o.o., working on various media projects, including the Engaged Citizens Reporting project.

During this period, he also gained valuable experience in office management, project operations, field investigations, social media management and use of different digital tools needed for the jobs listed above.


 He received an award for continuous reporting and contribution to witnessing the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica at the “Nino Ćatić” Journalist Award event in 2020.

University and Languages

Enes studied communication science at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo. His major was in communication sciences, journalism, PR and marketing. In addition to formal education, he has attended various project related and journalism courses/seminars. Along with Bosnian he speaks English.