Violence in Schools

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On February 2, 2014, “Justice in Kosovo” discussed violence in schools.

Parents of school-violence victims told “Justice in Kosovo” about how they reacted upon learning that their children had been hurt.

The father of Astrit Syla, the student who died last week the Arkitekt Sinani school in Mitrovica, said his son was not involved in any conflicts before the incident.

“My son was never involved in any conflicts, even the people that knew himcan confirm this”said Syla

Whereas, Mon Hajrizi, the father of the suspected perpetrator explained that the conflict started on Facebook. “A day earlier they talked to each-other on Facebook and my son told me that they offended each other,” said Hajrizi.

The father of Gynaj Novoberdaliu, who was killed in front of Medical High School in Prishtina in 2007, complained the judicial process concerning the person accused of killing his son has lasted a long time and has yet to conclude.

Meanwhile, the victim of the last incident at Poklek primary school in in Drenas showed “Justice in Kosovo” wounds he sustained in a screwdriver attack.

The programme also looks into to reasons why these incidents happen.

The director of the school where Astrit Syla was killed told “Justice in Kosovo” that this school has been facing ongoing troubles with violence and lacks a psychologist. Also, there are only two police officers in Mitrovica who deal with violence in schools.