Property Misuse

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On March 16, 2014, Justice in Kosovo aired the story of misuse of public land in the municipality of Prizren.

Ramadan Muja the Major of Prizren was sentenced by the Court of Prizren for the misuse of public land. He was sentenced to 2 years of conditioned prison and was banned from holding office again for 30 months.

Kadri Ukeimeri and Minir Krasniqi, the head of Cadaster and the head of PDK in Prizren respectively, were also part of the group in the municipality of Prizren sentenced for misuse of public property.

Krasniqi and two others took ownership of properties of the municipality of Prizren with a Supreme Court decision in 2008.
Muja ordered Ukeimeri to not pass the property to the municipality of Prizren for Krasniqi to make a use of it.

The property of Sharri Woods was given to the educational center “Gulistan” by Muja. It was previously the property of the Property Agency of Kosovo.
Muja is also accuse of giving land to the chocolate factory “Kamilla” free of charge.

These officials of municipality of Prizren were sentenced as below:
Muja was sentenced 2 years of conditioned prison and being barred from office for 30 months. Minir Krasniqi was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months of conditioned prison. Kadrie Ukimeri and another official Sadik Paqarizi were both sentenced to 8 months of conditioned prison.

Immediately after the trial, Muja didn’t declined to comment on whether or not he would resign but the next day he held a press conference to announce that he will not resign..

Muja’s lawyer, Bahrie Besimi, said that the entire case was a political scenario created by political rivals.

The prosecutor, Natasha Vicary, stated that “Any claim that this is political scenario is ridiculous.”
“We are satisfied with the decisions of the court,” she added.
“The officials of the local governance should be discharged from their duty in cases like this one,” said Bekim Saliu from Gap Institute.

The Kosovo Agency of Property told Justice in Kosovo that their properties changed hands in other municipalities like they did in Prizren.
“Misuses of properties are made public in all their reports,” said Besnik Osmani, secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Administration.

In the following part of the program there is an interview with the lawyer of Bajrush Xhemajli, Tahir Rreci, that doesn’t agree with the sentence of the court regarding the traffic accident caused by Xhemajli.
He said they will present a claim and wait for a verdict from the Appeals Court.