Second phase of Reporting on Minorities Project Underway

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Bulgaria started the second phase of its Reporting on Minorities
project in June. The first phase, which included a three-day workshop
in which majority and minority journalists from national, regional an
international media discussed standards, practices and ideas for
media reports on minorities, was successfully completed. The second
phase involves the commissioning and research of seven articles on
the issues faced by ethnic minorities in Bulgaria.

With the
assistance of BIRN Bulgaria’s editorial team, six journalists from
BIRN’s local network are in the process of producing feature
articles that, through personal stories, present the broader
situation of some of Bulgaria’s traditional ethnic minority groups
– the Roma, the Turks, the Pomaks. One article told the story of
refugees, while another analysis summed up the general situation of
those groups in the country.

articles will be published on BIRN’s website in Bulgarian. After
that, they will be translated in English and
all Balkan Insight languages and
distributed among Balkan Insight’s subscribers.

addition, the articles, together with other training materials and
information on the project, will be printed in a booklet. Available
in Bulgarian and in English, it will be distributed among those who
participated in the project, as well as other interested media and
NGO organizations. Albena Shkodrova, BIRN Bulgaria’s director, will
present the booklet to editors in regional media.

project is supported by the US Department of State.