BIRN Kosovo TV Program Stirs Discussions

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In June, “Life in Kosovo,” BIRN Kosovo’s weekly TV program hosted by country director Jeta Xharra, broadcast five debates on social, economical, religious and political issues. Two of the programs stirred fierce debates in the wider public.

After the broadcast of the debate on “Woman and Islam” aired on 1 June, BIRN received over 70 emails from the audience concerning the show and the overall issue.

The definition of Kosovo’s status, which seems to affect the region’s whole population, was discussed during the “Life in Kosovo” program on 8 June.

This debate was broadcast live in order to give the audience a chance to address their questions to a panel, which included politicians, political analysts and foreign diplomats.

Over 150 people phoned up with questions during the show, some of which were read on the air.

The “Life in Kosovo” investigative team prepared field reportages concerning the issues, which were shown during the debates.